Supreme x Louis Vuitton is Real

Fresh from the runway to a waiting list near you

It was the shot heard ’round the world in menswear when the breathlessly anticipated Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration was finally confirmed and revealed in all its glory on today’s Fall 2017 LV runway. Initial reaction: I’m screaming! Well, not really, but I empathize with the very specific kind of dude (yuppie skateboarder or wannabe who reads GQ) convulsing over this news, which first leaked on the Internet, causing instant pandemonium, earlier this month. 

Since launching in 1994, Supreme has mastered the art of creating desire with its limited edition drops and exclusive collaborations, which have earned the streetwear brand an unparalleled cult following. Desire—or the illusion of owning something rare or being a member of an insider club—is what luxury is brands are all about. So as unusual as the collaboration might initially seem (LVMH actually sent a cease-and-desist to Supreme in 2000 for copyright infringement), it makes a whole lot of sense.

Vuitton’s artistic director Kim Jones is a longtime Supreme fan, so the range of co-branded pieces (reportedly in the works for a year now) blended in seamlessly with the louche, artistic attitude of Jones’ new menswear collection inspired by NYC icons like Jean Michel Basquiat. The opening look featured a relaxed navy suit paired with pristine white sneakers, a beret, and a cherry red fanny pack slung effortlessly across the model’s chest. It was splashed with (you guessed it) that unmistakable Supreme logo, which looked chic as f*ck stamped on ultra-supple leather. 

Other highlights from the collaboration included camera bags, keychains, skateboard decks, and signature luggage trunks. Baseball jerseys and chambray jackets mingled Supreme and LV logos to persuasive effect. Rapper Travis Scott, a favorite with the high fashion set, sat front row swagged out in the new merch including a Supreme x LV cell phone case sure to sell out (and resell for exponentially more) when they hit Louis Vuitton stores in July.  

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