Farewell, Trump Models

The Trump Organization is leaving the modeling industry to focus on golf. Sound familiar?

Occasionally in fashion, businesses will benefit from being named after their founder. But sometimes it can be difficult to separate the everyday operations of a company from its namesake, even if said person has very little involvement. Trump Models falls into the latter category, seeing as it exists within an industry that is adamantly against Donald Trump. So today it was a bit unsurprising when news broke that the Trump Organization was leaving the modeling industry behind.

Rumors began swirling yesterday that the agency would be closing after an alleged email from the president of the agency, Corinne Nicolas, was leaked on When reached for a statement, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization said:

“On the heels of the recent sale of the Miss Universe Organization, the Trump Organization is choosing to exit the modeling industry. While we enjoyed many years of success, we are focused on our core businesses in the real estate and golf industries and the rapid expansion of our hospitality division.”

In case you were wondering, that statement was included in the leaked e-mail.

The agency has been under extreme scrutiny even before the election. Last August, the same website that broke the story of the leaked email spoke to a Canadian model who had financial statements proving that she worked in the United States without a proper work visa. On election day, model Maggie Rizer (who is on the “Industry Icons” list on left the agency, writing on Instagram: “I cannot wake up Wednesday morning being the least bit related to the Trump brand; win or lose. I owe it to myself and to my children to proudly stand up for what I believe in and that is a world where Donald Trump has no voice for the future of our country.”

It should be noted that while Trump himself holds an 85 percent stake in the company, he is not doing the work of the bookers, or obviously the models, to whom this situation is most unfair. Yes, the shuttering of Trump Models might have an effect on the man himself, but it will really impact the models, who just need jobs. It’s in the same vein as boycotting one of his hotels—the people that are caught in the crosshairs are the employees. For the models, who will now need to find new agencies, this is not a “tremendous” situation.

No word yet as to exactly when the agency will close its doors, or what will happen to the models that are currently signed. As of press time, no indication of the closure has been reflected on the Trump Models website.

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