Chanel’s Deciduous Delights

For Fall 2018, Karl Lagerfeld took us into the woods with a restrained, forest-themed collection

To view the full Chanel Fall 2018 collection, click here.

Over the river and into the woods we went this morning for Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Chanel romp—a serene, forest-themed excursion brimming with crisp sartorial delights. Clearly, Lagerfeld has been in an outdoorsy mood of late. Last season, he transformed the Grand Palais into a waterfall-laden wonderland, complete with a river, rushing cascades, and towering cliffs. This season, being Fall/Winter, it was all about the woods, and Lagerfeld filled his long-favored show space with crunching leaves and moss-covered trees. Perhaps he’s reminding us of the natural wonders that are so quickly disappearing, or perhaps he just liked how the whole scene looked, which would be fair enough, because it looked pretty fabulous. There was an elegance to this gimmick-free outing, which opened with a series of long, black overcoats, some of which were embellished with dyed feathers. Those models looked like members of some terribly chic coven, casting a spell over us all. What was really magical, though, was Lagerfeld’s restraint. Yes, there were leafy prints, mismatched twig-motif earrings, and iridescent green trousers that evoked dew-covered verdure, but on the whole, this collection focused on tactile, sumptuous knits in warm, earthen hues; subtly sculptural silhouettes, like tweed suits with pointed peplums or knit coats that flattered the figure as they swept the leaf-covered ground; and the most magnificent shoulders, which were open at the very top and rippled down over the arms. Those had somewhat of an ’80s feel, as did the black leather and lace looks and bright pink or blue leather gloves. The key bag this season was a tote-cum-clutch that folded over, and was often carried under a bangle-stacked arm with a smaller tweed bag slung over the shoulder; meanwhile, the standout shoes were gilded, thigh-high flat boots, which you’ll no doubt see on the street style circuit come September. This lineup exuded the Parisian sophistication and nonchalance that one hopes to see from Chanel. The Fall show wasn’t about Instagram photo ops or beefy boys in menswear that will never be produced or Hudson Kroenig cameos (Lagerfeld’s godson was nowhere to be seen). Rather, it focused solely on the Chanel woman and her impeccable wardrobe, which was pure autumnal perfection. I mean, casually strolling through the forest decked in top-to-toe Chanel—what could be chicer than that? 

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