A Grey Gardens Prequel Is Coming

As if we weren’t already Edie-obsessed

There is an ongoing love affair between Grey Gardens and the fashion world. Mother-daughter duo Little and Big Edie Bouvier Beale have long served as inspiration when it comes to eclectic aesthetics. Everything from Little Edie’s headscarves and Big Edie’s wide-brimmed hats to Little’s fur coats and Big’s kimonos continuously swirl in fashion’s vernacular, informing grandma-chic wardrobes everywhere. And now, outré dressers will have even more to pull from, as a previously buried prequel to the Maysles brothers’ cult 1975 documentary about the Bouvier Beales and their decrepit Long Island estate is set for release this May.

Since the release of the seminal documentary, Big and Little Edie have been omnipresent when it comes to designer inspirations. And thanks to designers like Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, the two were arguably more present than ever during this past fashion month—the Fall 2018 shows looked like they’d raided the pair’s East Hampton closets and thrown the clothes at models with the same eccentric-but-studied Beale abandon. 

Titled That Summer, the forthcoming prequel was shot by Peter Beard both in Montauk and in East Hampton with the Maysles during the same era. The original footage has been re-edited by Göran Hugo Olsson and Per K. Kirkegaard, as well as combined with footage filmed by Andy Warhol. This time, though, while the Beales are certainly featured in the clips, the main focus will be the Bouvier families, by way of Little Edie’s cousins, Lee Radziwill and Jacqueline Onassis. As such, we expect much more fashion inspiration from these stylish icons, though with slim-fit turtlenecks, ankle-cropped skinny jeans, blazers, and fashion’s favorite classic wardrobe staples.

The film is due in theaters on May 11th. Until then, the trailer can be played (and played again) below, fashion notepads at the ready. 

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