Jacquemus Journeys to Morocco

The designer debuts a summer-leaning Fall 2018 collection, and also reveals that #newjob

To see the entire Jacquemus Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection, click here.

Last season, Simon Porte Jacquemus transported us to the South of France with skimpy little dresses, sculptural silhouettes, and giant, Insta-friendly straw hats. For Fall, he was in a Moroccan mood, and channeled the destination with warm, earthy hues, caftan-inspired dresses, and Insta-friendly straw hats. “I often leave for Morocco after a show…This winter, I got lost in the souks once again, with just one thing on my mind: I want to make it my next summer collection. I came back to Paris and made my winter of it: my winter collection. Not wasting anymore time, my warm winter,” read a note from the designer that sat on each of our chairs. Held at the Petit Palais (which, despite its name, is in fact quite grand), the Fall 2018 show certainly felt more summer than winter, but hey, these collections deliver in the summer months, and we’ve been seeing a number of designers ignoring the traditional “Fall/Winter” ideology. Plus, Paris is so cold right now—like, 23-degrees-Fahrenheit cold, so a little sartorial escape was welcomed. 

Jacquemus offered a handful of standouts, namely fabulously draped trench-inspired coats, dresses, and jumpsuits that were rich, flattering, and sensual. On the accessories front, there were pouch-necklaces, his signature mismatched-heel shoes, single chain earrings, those amusing mini-bags, and big leather totes (Morocco has such great markets—you need something in which to carry home all that swag). The sexiness he’s been courting of late was there too, particularly in sheer knit tops and equally sheer knit dresses with deep scoop necks, side slits, and figure-hugging silhouettes. Each piece on display, from skirt-legging hybrids to spaghetti-strap jumpsuits, will suit the coquettish French girl the designer favors, but I do miss the more experimental, constructed looks of seasons past. 

Oh, and some exciting news from Mssr. Jacquemus—after teasing a #NewJob on social media, he today revealed that the gig is not at a major design house, but one of his own making: He’s launching menswear at Paris men’s week in June. Will the Jacquemus gent be as flirtatious and free as the ladies we saw on tonight’s runway? Tune in next summer to find out. 

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