Louis Vuitton—Epitome of Luxury—Is Touring the Country in a Van

A new pop-up series is utilizing a fancified VW for Spring 2018

The country’s East Coast continues to deal with low temperatures brought on by the bomb cyclone, so naturally, the warmth of spring is on everyone’s minds—including Louis Vuitton, which is hoping to bring the sunshine a little early with a new series of pop-up shops.

To promote its men’s Spring 2018 line, the luxury house is traveling the country in an old-school VW van, decorated with collection-inspired bumper stickers, and filled with a “curated assortment” of apparel and accessories. It’s kind of a hippie vibe, if hippies were really into luxury apparel and surfed the ever-changing fashion seasons instead of waves.

To further celebrate the launch, Vuitton has created a series of exclusive items, including Hawaiian shirts, which FU’s William Buckley noted was a “major takeaway” from designer Kim Jones’ offering.

The only downside to Vuitton’s little ray of sunshine is that is will exclusively appear in sunny locales—Miami, Los Angeles, and Honolulu to be exact. To be fair, the cities are more appropriate for a “fun in the sun”  theme than thoroughly grey New York. Luckily, fans around the world looking to take their minds off the dreariness can do so when the collection goes on sale next week. Wishful thinking, right?

Louis Vuitton’s pop-up is on now in Miami’s Design District until January 22. It will be in Los Angeles January 26 through February 5, and Honolulu February 15 through 22. The Spring collection launches worldwide January 19

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