The Insanity of Off-White’s Fall 2018 Show

Outside, a fashion mosh pit. Inside, snakeskin and fox hunting

The scene outside Off-White’s Fall 2018 show and the collection we saw inside were like night and day. Outside, it was a rowdy mob scene—and I don’t use that term lightly. Hoards of people—some with invites, some without—tried to push and shove and scream their way into the Pavillon Cambon Capucines. The police came. They got a bit handsy, but not as handsy as the crowd. One woman fainted and had to be carried away—don’t worry though, she’s fine and was spotted later in the front row. Another woman’s vintage handbag was ripped (mine—it was my handbag. RIP, vintage Chanel mini-pocket tote). Some considered crowd-surfing their way to the door. Others talked of giving up and going to dinner. But ultimately, we were whisked out of the madness and into the safety of the jam-packed, white ballon-adorned show space where Virgil Abloh would debut his latest lineup. However, while the frenzy outside was like some kind of Supreme-drop-Kanye-West-ticket-giveaway-hybrid, inside, it was strangely serene, and we were presented with an outing chock full of elevated materials (baby blue croc and snakeskin, cashmere, fur, silk, leather, mirrored paillettes), tailored silhouettes (think peplums, suiting, and sculpted rompers), and aristocratic patterns (like a blue toile jacquard and another jacquard that depicted a fox hunting scene). Naturally, there were streetwear codes injected into Abloh’s finery—logo patches, stretch bodysuits, short-shorts, hooded coats and sweatshirts, neoprene corsets, and utilitarian fastenings—that gave these uptown-inspired looks a youthful air. The collection was more refined and perhaps more stereotypically “luxury” than anything we’ve seen from Abloh in the past (one stylist jokingly wondered if he was going after the Hermès account) and seemed to represent a fusion of his two worlds or two selves—high-fashion Virgil, and streetwear, DJ Virgil. Surely, moneyed kids who want to look just like Abloh’s pal and show-opener, Bella Hadid, will eat it right up—especially those blue croc logo bags. And judging by the raucous scene outside, well, Abloh’s doing something right.

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