The 82L Supreme x Rimowa Drop in Red Sold Out in 16 Seconds

And the other sizes and colorways didn't fare much better

According to Supreme tracking website (yes, there is an entire unaffiliated website dedicated solely to tracking the sale of Supreme’s drops), the EU release of the Supreme x Rimowa collab saw the 82L Topas Multiwheel suitcase in red sell out in an eye-watering 16 seconds.

Two days ago, Kim Jones posted a picture of the then upcoming Supreme x Rimowa release with the concise caption, “Obsessed.” Apparently, he was able to procure the piece pre-pedestrian availability, which is fair enough. Given LVMH’s ownership of both Rimowa and Louis Vuitton, where Jones initiated the Supreme relationship, he was clearly a catalyst for this Rimowa moment.

When the where- and when-to-buy info hit the streets earlier this week, a breakneck sell-out speed was a foregone conclusion—no crystal balls needed. But sixteen seconds must be some sort of record. The time it takes to load the payment info page and enter credit card details surely takes more time than that. The pieces aren’t cheap either.

The carry-on size didn’t last much longer at 19 seconds, and the black colorway sold out soon after—31 seconds and 34 seconds for the large and small suitcases respectively.

Of course, eBay was populated with the pieces almost immediately. They are currently selling for upwards of $3,500. If you fancy camping out, the luggage will be available at Rimowa stores on Saturday. We tried to phone the New York store—their line’s been busy all day.

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