McQ and Document Journal Come Together for Fashion Week Performance Art

It was an emotional night at the museum

A line of people stretched along Bowery, all eager to get into the New Museum for McQ and Document Journal’s mysterious “special project”. Held in the the Sky Room (where McQ’s Spring 2017 presentation took place earlier in the day), one had to wonder how all those people could fit into the space.

The evening featured scattered dancers, preforming pieces curated by Nathan Mitchell, the dancer and model who has most recently appeared in ads for Charlotte Tilbury’s new fragrance, and who now stars in McQ’s latest fashion film, Eating Emotion (Chased by Sounds).

The performers, split into couples, were portraying relationships—also the theme of the film—while the crowd swelled around them, creating little pockets of dance. Like clockwork, the elevator doors would open, and more spectators would fill the room. The only reprieve from the growing claustrophobic space was the balcony, with it’s amazing view of lower Manhattan.

Naturally everyone crammed back in when Mitchell himself came out to tap dance while Eating Emotion made its debut behind him. As the piece climaxed, all of the evening’s dancers came together, switching partners, going solo, or interacting with the audience.

As the time of the official after party grew near (it was held a few blocks away), many, this writer included, assumed the night at the museum was over. When hitting ground level, it was a bit of a surprise to see that the entrance line was still just as long. With no one in sight telling the crowd to go home or dissipate, one has to assume that somewhere in the Sky Room, couples are still dancing.

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