Remembering Anita Pallenberg, Icon Of Style

The model, actress, and muse has passed away at the age of 73

Anita Pallenberg, style icon of the 1960s and ‘70s, has passed away at the age of 73. The news of her death was initially announced by her friend, Stella Schnabel, on Instagram (Schnabel has since made her account private).

Pallenberg began modeling at 16 in both Italy and New York, where she spent time at Andy Warhol’s Factory. After sneaking backstage at a Rolling Stones concert in 1965, she met then-band member Brian Jones, sparking a relationship. But it was short-lived, for only two years later, she left him for fellow Stones member Keith Richards, whom she was with for 12 years, having three children together.

Though her association with the Rolling Stones at the height of their popularity certainly granted her notoriety, Pallenberg was not merely a hanger-on. Her style and personality influenced the band (she was their muse), and made her an “It” girl. In addition to modeling, she acted, appearing in the films Barbarella ­and Performance (later in life she also appeared in an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, among other projects).

But it wasn’t all rock-stars and parties for Pallenberg, who had her fair share of heartbreak. For decades, she struggled with drug addiction. She also suffered through the death of her infant son, Tara, who passed away at 10 weeks old from pneumonia.

In the ’90s, Pallenberg found sobriety and returned to school, earning a degree in fashion design from Central Saint Martins. Though she maintained a connection to the fashion industry in her later years (most recently walking in Pam Hogg’s Spring 2017 show), she will forever be associated with the stylish days of her youth. Pallenberg’s looks mixed bohemian pieces such as flowing, pattered frocks with the rock-star glamour of fur coats over jeans and heeled boots. Her aesthetic drove our still held ideals of effortless ‘70s style.

She is survived by her son, Marlon, and her daughter, Angela.

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