Oh, The Places They Go: Beau Souci’s Aurélie Larrousse Explores Cuba

An exclusive look inside the designer’s enviable escape

Fabulous people tend to take fabulous trips. In our new series, we take you inside the fashion set’s great escapes. Here, Beau Souci’s Aurélie Larrousse shows us the best moments from her recent trip to Cuba.

I have wanted to visit Cuba for such a long time. It was important to me to experience this vibrant country before it changes. Cuba is rich in history and is also fully alive with music and culture. The country’s history is visible in buildings that are rusted by the sun. Old Havana is magical—you really need to go there to understand how people live, think, and feel. I tried to do as much as possible in two weeks and took literally every form of transportation, from taxis and vintage American cars to motorcycles, buses, and horses. I was also lucky to receive great tips ahead of my trip from #ThankYouHollySiz.

The architecture in Cuba is incredible. It’s a mix of colonial, art deco, and ‘50s buildings. The colors are so full and vibrant.

My favorite moment was visiting Trinidad, a town in central Cuba known for its colonial heritage and cobblestone streets. At the Plaza Mayor, the city’s neo-baroque main square, there is a place called Casa de la Músíca. Everyone there is dancing salsa from 5pm to 2am. It’s amazing. I was lucky to stay at the lovely Casa Particular and at El Secreto, a beautiful artist house in Trinidad, where I met Carlos Mata, a fantastic painter and musician.

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