We Put Diana Vreeland on Tinder

Happy April Fool’s, gentlemen!

It’s April Fool’s Day. While we could have done something normal, like publish a joke article about, say, Riccardo Tisci joining a Major League Baseball team (one editor’s idea) or a breaking news piece about Alexander Wang showing Spring 2018 on, like, Mars (and we would have used a super clickbait-y headline, like, “You’ll NEVER Guess Where Alexander Wang is Showing Next Season”) we figure there are enough #alternativefacts in the world right now. So to avoid any confusion within the news media sphere, we decided to do go a different route and engage with innocent men on dating app Tinder by responding to messages solely with classic Diana Vreeland quotes. (There are so many.) Shoutout to the unsuspecting men who unknowingly participated in our experiment, and an especially big shoutout to the guy who eventually caught on and replied with another quote from the legendary Vreeland, whose interests include Wallis Simpson, ballet, and Tchaikovsky. Call me, Errol. 

Photo above: Getty Images

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