Linda Evangelista Explains Everything That’s Wrong With Today’s Fashion Youth and the Met Gala

They don't make supermodels like they used to

Stephanie Seymour isn’t the only super to call it like she sees it—Linda Evangelista summed up everything that’s wrong with today’s “bitches of the moment” and the Met Gala in a single Instagram post. A screenshot captured a text conversation between the icon and a mysterious “F” (fashion Nancy Drews, please solve this ASAP) who described the scene at the The Mark hotel on the first Monday in May: “It was a mess..I was at the Mark and Rei walked through the lobby on her way to the Met and NO ONE…recognized her…they were all too busy taking selfies and getting in line to get paparrazied [sic] outisde the hotel…” 

While the annual extravaganza is supposedly thrown to honor the storied career of a world-class designer (in the case of this year, it was none other than the ever-elusive Rei Kawakubo), the event has quickly become less about the exhibit and all about what today’s It girls and guys are wearing down the red carpet and posting on Instagram. (Those sexy, ass-baring gowns were nice and all, but they definitely didn’t reflect the heart and soul of Comme des Garçons.)

The Trinity (Linda, Christy, and Naomi) weren’t exactly the angels of their era, but they certainly didn’t spend their evenings posing for selfies or Snapchatting all the cigarettes they smoked in the bathroom (because let’s face it, they probably did better drugs in there). And before social media, fashion wasn’t just more exclusive and glamorous, it felt, as many established beauty pros have told me backstage, like a family business. It was about art, experimentation, and taking risks. (People also knew each other’s names and faces…and not just from Instagram.) Here’s hoping Evangelista’s I’m-just-gonna-leave-this-here post inspires A-list youth to study up before next year’s ball and recognize the legends who really deserve the spotlight. Oh, and properly pronounce Kawakubo. 

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