Furry and Fabulous: Meet Fashion’s Most Famous Pets

Celebrate National Pet Day in style with Choupette Lagerfeld, Neville Jacobs, and more

Yes, Thom Browne turned his dachshund, Hector, into a handbag (not literally—Hector’s fine, and the bag’s adorable), but the fashion set knows that its pets are so much more than accessories. They’re international travel companions, front row fixtures, and regulars in the glossy pages of magazines. In fact, between verified Instagram accounts, their own Champagne vintages, and Versace campaign credits, fashion’s furry friends are usually chicer (and more famous) than most humans. Take, for instance, Mssr. Francois FrouFrou and Mlle Coco, our EIC’s two black rabbits who are outfitted with custom hats, hop around in Chanel, and are constantly munching on organic kale or, occasionally, salads from Chop’t. We don’t get salads from Chop’t. But we digress…from Karl Lagerfeld’s fluffy white Burman, Choupette, whom he once said he’d marry if he could, to Lua, the pit bull mix who gets to spend her days with Gisele and Tom Brady, we bring you a roundup of fashion’s most fabulous four-legged friends. Happy National Pet Day.

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