An Inside Look at Istanbul Fashion Week

Take a peek behind the scenes of the international event

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul is the most fascinating fashion week you’ve never heard of. It’s not new—in fact, the Fall 2018 edition, which ran from March 27 through 30, marks its 11th season. But with the “Big Four” cities stealing all the attention, and regional fashion weeks that seemingly number in the bajillions, it doesn’t get a whole lot of bandwidth. However, with Mercedes Benz and, most recently, Samsung as sponsors, it has serious funding. And the fact that some shows were held at ancient Ottoman monuments is, well, pretty fabulous. This is, after all, Istanbul, once known as Constantinople—historically one of the most influential cities in the world and straddling both Europe and Asia with only the Bosphorus river dividing the continents, so perfectly positioned to service both the East and the West. The glaring fact is that, if you live in America, chances are you know of few, if any, of the brands showcased, but with Mercedes Benz’s bucks behind the Turkish design talent, not to mention the billions of dollars of fashion manufacturing revenue here, the associations that support fashion in this city are steadily establishing it as a significant albeit regional fashion player. Step inside this season’s festivities via our slideshow, above.

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