Absolutely Fabulous vs. Clueless: The Ultimate ’90s Fashion Showdown

This is an Alaïa, sweetie, darling

When you think about who could be dubbed as the two most fashionable fictional chicks of the ’90s, your mind most likely travels to Cher and Dionne of Clueless. They revolutionized plaid, fearlessly rocked the mini skirt, and made teenage girls everywhere obsessed with designers like Alaïa and Calvin Klein. Today marks the film’s 21st anniversary, and the cinematic tale of the Beverly Hills teens is still viewed as a major fashion moment. But where would Cher and Dionne be without Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous? The iconic British sitcom premiered three years prior to Clueless, and the ruthless PR maven and her fashion editor counterpart were, without a doubt, the most epic high-fashion twosome to ever grace the screen. Lucky for those who may have missed Ab Fab’s TV run, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie hits theaters this Friday, and made its glamorous New York debut last night—in other words, prepare for a healthy dose of Patsy and Edie’s deeply chic antics. We may look at Cher and Dionne as being the ultimate fashion duo, but let’s face it: They are just teenage princesses when compared to the fabulousness that is Eddy and Patsy. Click through the slideshow above to see the similarities (and fashion differences) between the ’90s two favorite fashion pairs. 

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