All the Best Street Style Snaps from New York and London

In the thick of fashion month, BFA gets the winning shots

As London Fashion Week comes to a close and we move onto Milan, it’s important to remember that what’s happening outside the fashion shows is just as important as what’s happening on the runway. Bill Cunningham once said that the best fashion show has always been on the street, and as the grandfather of street style photography, he would surely know.

A good street style photo can capture not only the uniqueness of an individual, but how fashion reflects the times. And from the pulsing sidewalks of New York and the cobblestone alleys of London, to the vibrant avenues of Milan and the Tuileries in Paris, the team at Billy Farrell Agency will be there to document every noteworthy sartorial statement. 

“In my opinion, the very best that a street style photo can accomplish is to tell a story in one photo,” said BFA photographer Hunter Abrams. “I do not like to take photos of people who are inauthentic or have clearly been dressed by a brand for this very reason. At the end of the day, I’m just looking for people who look like themselves and display a high level of comfort with dressing the way they do.” In other words, it’s not just about the outfit, but the woman or man who’s wearing it. “A true fashion journalist first sees the movement and the energy—catch the mood and you’ve got something,” added photographer David X. Prutting, who is also one of the founding members of BFA. “My camera always gave me the courage to engage or just observe people. The journalistic approach is called being a ‘participant observer.’” In collaboration with BFA, Fashion Unfiltered has compiled 30 of the most riveting street style snaps of the Spring 2017 season so far. Click through the slideshow to see them all, and if 30 photos aren’t enough, head over to to see all of the candid images the agency’s sharpshooters have captured in New York and London.

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