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Brookfield Place Has Every Holiday Gift You Need

Why run around town when you can get all this goodness in one location?

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to find the perfect gifts for those you love (and, obviously, a little something for yourself, too). You could run all around town, get stuck in nightmare traffic, or drudge from subway to subway. Likewise, you could click to buy some impersonal trinket online. But that’s not really our style, so we propose heading to Brookfield Place to find hands-on service and the most luxurious treats from stores like Gucci, Cos Bar, Burberry, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more, all in one location. Need a little shopping inspiration? Don’t fret—we’ve got you covered. Here, the Fashion Unfiltered team opens up its covetable cabinet of curiosities and walks you through the best of Brookfield Place. We’ve even drawn you a map—literally—so you’ll know exactly where to go (below). Click through our slideshow to learn what the FU crew will be giving—and hopefully, receiving—this holiday season. Happy shopping!

Brookfield Place is located at 230 Vesey Street, New York, NY. For a full list of retailers, visit the shopping destination’s Website.

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