How Those Famous Dior Earrings Are Made

It's not quite magic, but close...

What is the meaning of luxury today? With $1450 repurposed Levi’s, buy-now-wear-now e-commerce, and a general diffusion of lines between craft, machine, streetwear and more traditional luxe apparel—the dialogue is shifting and challenged. But some things like couture and the process of hand-crafting garments we can all still agree on. Here, Dior shows us the process behind its famous Tribales earrings: those pearl-like studs often worn single, which were designed by costume jewelry director Camille Miceli and first presented by Raf Simons for Fall ’13. The process begins with sketching at the house’s design studio at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Technical drawing is next completed in Pfozheim, Germany, followed by creating wax, then metal models. Each metal earring is hand buffed and polished, dipped in color, then given a laser “Dior” signature. For the Dior Tribales Flower, the artist fixes each crystalfour sizes, two colorsthen adds the signature pearls. Check out the jewels’ conception above. 

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