Six Ways to Channel Your Inner Susan B. Anthony When You Go Vote Today

Go vote NOW! And do it in style

In recent memory, there has not been an election quite as important as this one, which is all the more reason for you to get out and vote. There are issues at stake that are important to everyone in this country—and the world—no matter how political you think you may or may not be. Do it for our country. Do it for your great grandmothers who weren’t able to participate in our democracy. Do it for Susan B. Anthony, whose grave in Rochester, New York is currently covered with “I Voted” stickers. Please, today, at some point, get yourself to the polls and cast your vote for the person who will lead our country for the next four—or maybe even eight—years. But do us a favor? Do it in style.

After all, we’ve got to get ourselves ready for all of those “I Voted” selfies, don’t we? And, while all eyes will at first go to the sticker on your chest, why not make the rest of your look just as eye-catching? To get you started on this Election Day morning, here are six ways to channel your inner Susan B. Anthony when you go vote today. Now get out there!

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