Fashion’s Most Empowering Free-the-Nipple Moments

Revisiting fashion history’s breasts in show

Happy Women’s Equality Day! Despite the fact that we have a female presidential candidate (yay, progress!), women are still nowhere near being completely equal to men. But it’s safe to say we’ve come along way since the 19th Amendment (which, if you didn’t do well in history, is the one that gave women the right to vote). Obviously, there have been many milestones highlighting female power over the last few decades, and we think a women’s right to be free and show herself in whatever capacity she prefers is an important step. Seeing as Sunday is National Go Topless Day, we thought it would be fitting to revisit some of the best nipple-baring moments in fashion history. Fashion, at its core, does exist to clothe the naked body, but sometimes, showing what is underneath is just as beautiful. In Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2001 show, a model emerged in a gorgeous, earthy gown and had a nipple just creeping out. Since she is supposed to be one with nature, it becomes an artistic statement and a display of pride. Showing off one’s assets in the name of art has been going on for decades and has continued on in fashion thanks to the likes of Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Versace. These designers show us that women should not be embarrassed flaunt a nipple or two. Click through the slideshow to see our favorite show-stopping nipple moments. 

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