20 Wickedly Good Halloween Costumes From the Spring 2017 Runways

Take note—these costume ideas are hair-raising in the best possible way

Halloween is just around the corner—11 days away, in fact—which is just enough time to get your costume together if you haven’t already. But, wait a minute, rather than surrendering to the traditional revolving door of pre-packaged #basic costumes (looking at you, sexy cats, sexy nurses, sexy cops, really anything preceded with the word “sexy”), here at FU, we’re feeling a bit more…inventive, thanks in part to the wildly eccentric offerings many designers conjured up for Spring 2017. How about channeling the bots that opened Chanel‘s technological “Data Center” at the Grand Palais? (Bonus points: Get your BFF to do it with you if you want to be really on-trend.) Feeling some athletic vibes? Go as a Gucci baseball player, a futuristic Margiela surfer, or an Anna Sui cheerleader. The ’80s are also back in a big way, and let’s be honest, that decade is really a costume in and of itself. Nevertheless, designers got pretty weird this season, leaving us spoilt for choice when it comes to Halloween costume ideas—a jar of tomato sauce, a paper doll, a Donald Trump protestor, and a condom (yes, really) are all possibilities. And no need to worry about cost, at least in terms of beauty—recreate looks straight from the catwalk by simply digging into your junk drawer. Click through the slideshow above to see our list of Halloween costume inspo straight from the runways, and go on with your bad, original self. Happy Halloween!

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