Hillary Clinton’s Red Suit: She Was in It For Blood

Contributing editor Brittany Adams shares her thoughts on the Democratic nominee's debate night look

For her first presidential debate against Donald Trump last night, Hillary Clinton wore a pantsuit. Anybody could’ve guessed that. But what wasn’t so expected was her color of choice: crimson red—as in the the color of energy, passion, and action. It’s also the color of the Republican party. But if you thought that was some kind of olive branch— a visual suggestion of intent to reach across the aisle—it wasn’t. In the case of her effective takedown of Donald Trump, perhaps Hillary’s red suit demonstrated that she was in it for blood. Ironically enough, the devil (aka Trump) wore a sterling Democratic blue tie to complete the political cross-dressing switcheroo, and all of this escaped no one on social media. Commenting on Clinton’s red suit, one twitterer said: “I see Hillary has come dressed in the blood of men who have underestimated her.” Another said: “Hillary wore red to the debate because it’s murder tonight.” You get the idea. But she did kill it—at least by comparison to Trump— because, well, general competence and logic should count for something. 

But back to her suit, because this article isn’t about their specific policy points—or lack of a plan in general, as in the case of Trump. Hillary chose to wear red as a power play; because she means business; because she needs to stand out and above now; because red looks presidential and patriotic; because red says, “Don’t mess with me.” It was a totally different impression from the pure white suit she wore to accept her nomination at the Democratic National Convention, which was a nod to feminism and the colors of the suffragette movement. But color aside, can we please hire Hillary a full-time tailor for the remainder of this campaign? I don’t necessarily want to see more of her figure, per se, or call attention to it. I just wish the fit were a bit less boxy, because sometimes she looks like she could be the president of LEGO City with those square shapes. But go ahead, Hillary. #Imwithher regardless of her fashion choices. 

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