Lip Service

Another random theme day, another excuse to shop your troubles away

It’s July 29th, and you know what that means… Okay, maybe you don’t because who really has the time to keep up with random national holidays? Regardless, happy National Lipstick Day! We, too, feel like these themed days can be a bit overdone, but we always love an excuse to indulge for little to no reason. After all, is it really a day of celebration if you don’t treat yourself? We advise you to finally give in to the Gucci fur loafer trend (Seriously, they’re glorified Uggs.) with a metallic gold pair, complimented perfectly by a shimmery pair of lips. If you’d rather take a walk on the wild side, pick up a crazily amazing pair of Linda Farrow x Yazbukey sunglasses that will not only celebrate the holiday, but also elevate your everyday look in a major way. But, if splurging on a glorified Hallmark holiday is not your thing, simply rock a Stella McCartney phone case. Nothing says, “I’m chic” quite like overpriced but fabulous designer tech accessories. Click through the slideshow above to see more of market director-at-large Jessica Minkoff’s picks for taking National Lipstick Day to the next level. Bisous!

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