Memorial Day Weekend Outfits That Don’t Involve Denim Cut-Offs

Because style and summer aren't mutually exclusive

Next Monday is Memorial Day, and whether you’re planning on beachy weekend getaway or filling up on burgers and beer, the weekend is the official time to break out your summer threads. For some, summer dressing is synonymous with denim cut-offs, but it is not, in fact, a law that you must channel Daisy Duke when the temperature rises. Believe it or not, there are other weather-appropriate wares on the market, like breezy gingham skirts, bandana-print dresses, and patchwork jeans, just to name a few style-friendly options. So, in honor of the holiday, market director-at-large Jessica Minkoff has selected ten Memorial Day weekend outfits that don’t include cut-offs. Click through our slideshow and expand your sartorial horizons. 

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