What’s a 401K? It’s Time To Splurge!

Who needs funds for food when there's new Gucci on the market? 

Let’s start with a responsible and obvious statement: We know saving money is important. But, if we’re being totally honest, the desire to deplete a savings account in favor of a ridiculous Gucci bomber creeps up every season. Since Pre-Fall is slowly becoming a reality, the time to splurge on that one special fashion item has arrived. We know not everyone is as unpractical as us, so we’ll break this down into three categories: Smart Investment, Mildly Insane, and Batshit Crazy (But Fabulous). If you’re looking to make a worthwhile purchase for the fall, check out a Saint Laurent embellished leather jacket or a J.W.Anderson handbag. If you’d rather channel your inner street style star and don’t mind looking a little wild in the process, go for a ruffled gown from Erdem or sequined top from Altuzarra. But, if you want to put your dollars toward something absolutely deranged, look no further than Balenciaga’s shearling scarf. It probably won’t keep you warm, but who needs warmth when you’re twinning with Rihanna? Click through our slideshow to see more of market director-at-large Jessica Minkoff’s selection of Pre-Fall items you need to splurge on now. 

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