15 Looks That Prove Raf Simons Was Tailor Made For Calvin Klein

Seriously, has he secretly been gunning for this gig his whole career?

At long last, Raf Simons, who stepped down from the helm of Dior in October of last year, has been announced as the new creative director of Calvin Klein. If you’re asking yourself, “Who is this Raf Simons character?” you probably haven’t read a fashion publication in the last two decades, because since starting his namesake menswear label in 1995, Simons has been the industry’s golden boy. People instantly gravitated towards the Belgian talent’s minimalistic yet outré aesthetic, and he has been one of fashion’s brightest stars for what feels like an eternity. His seven-year stint at Jil Sander proved he could bring his vision to womenswear, and his short tenure at Dior gave the world a glimpse of futuristic couture. Now, he’s set to oversee just about every department at Calvin Klein, a storied American house. But does Simons have the design chops and American knowhow to uphold the Calvin Klein legacy? You betcha! And to prove it, we unearthed some of Simons’ most Calvin-esque looks from seasons past. Judging by what we found, it kind of seems like Simons has been preparing for this gig his whole career. Click through the slideshow above to see 15 looks that prove Simons and Calvin Klein are indeed a match made in fashion heaven.

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