Get That Cinematic Summer Style

Beat the heat with summer looks inspired by movies

When you’re in the midst of a country-wide heat dome, getting dressed in the morning can be quite the challenge. Although practicality isn’t always the rule in fashion (let’s count the number of people wearing leather jumpsuits to September Fashion Week, shall we?), style usually needs to take a step back when temperatures reach the upper ’90s. Fortunately, some of the most iconic movies take place during the summer months, giving us the perfect sartorial inspiration. Take Dirty Dancing, for instance. You might not find your own Patrick Swayze, but Baby’s cropped button down and skin-tight capris are the perfect way to bring a little sex appeal to a heatwave. If you’re a Wes Anderson buff, take a cue from Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom and try a sweet Red Valentino dress with oxfords. Or you could keep it really, really simple and go for Kristen Stewart’s look in Adventureland, which includes a good ole elastic from Goody to keep your hair from frying up like Anne Hathaway’s pre-makeover in the Princess Diaries. Click through the slideshow to see more of market director-at-large Jessica Minkoff’s picks for recreating the best summer movie looks. 

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