Getting a Tax Refund? Great, Now Buy Something Insanely Expensive

The time to splurge on those Vetements boots is now

This year’s deadline for filing your IRS tax return is Monday, April 18—yes, this year we’ve got a three-day extension due to the traditional filing date (April 15) falling on Emancipation Day. (Great news for procrastinators, including this writer.) We should probably encourage you to do something responsible with your tax refund, like pay off student loans or credit card debt, put it aside for a savings or rainy-day fund, etc. But we’re not going to do that, because let’s be serious, most people of the fashionable variety (or financially challenged variety, depending on how you look at it), already have big plans to use their refund checks for a Gucci floral-embroidered silk-satin bomber jacket, a Balenciaga mink scarf, or a pair of painfully covetable sock boots from Vetements. (Or, you know, all of the above. We won’t judge.)  Here, market director-at-large Jessica Minkoff lists her top 25 extravagant splurges, all of which are totally tax-refund-worthy. Click through the slideshow above to see her picks.

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