To the Strawberry Moon and Back

10 pieces to wear on your next journey to space…or brunch

Due to the emergence of a full moon on the same day as the summer solstice, you probably haven’t been able to log onto any of your social media accounts without seeing the radiant Strawberry Moon shining in the distance. And since one major moon story is never enough, scientists recently discovered that there has been a “mini-moon” orbiting the Earth for the last 100 years. If you’re anything like us, all this moon talk made us want to find the perfect space-inspired pieces to take with us to into the galaxy (or to a weekend brunch, the choice is yours!). Although we’d love to get our hands on Charlotte Olympia’s fabulous Fall 2016 “The Girl Who Fell to Earth” collection (think orbit heels, UFO jewelry, and and rocket ship backpacks), settling for Valentino’s lineup of intergalactic boots, skirts, and sweaters that are not only chic but also just a bit quirky is never a chore. If you’d rather take a more literal approach to space fashions, check out a pair of moon boots from Moncler or Jimmy Choo. Click through the slide show to see more of our solar system-inspired picks. 

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