Alium House

These models define the brave new beauty of the moment

Gone are the days of models being defined as walking clothes hangers. It’s no longer enough to have a pretty face and sample size frame, and we’re all about that development. Today, newcomers are encouraged to bring their personalities to the table and set themselves apart—whether it means slaying on social media, dying their hair Manic Panic red, buzzing it all off, or leaving in their nose ring for a go-see. In the competitive world of modeling, casting directors are looking for girls who have a unique, nontraditional kind of beauty that tells a story and haunts your memory. Here, photographer JEROME CORPUZ and executive fashion editor-at-large MELISSA VENTOSA MARTIN capture some of our favorite fresh faces who exemplify this new, individual direction of beauty—and you might be shocked at how many of them are Americans. 

Photographer: Jerome Corpuz
Stylist: Melissa Ventosa Martin
Hair Stylist: Neil Grupp @ The Wall Group
Makeup: Jen Myles
Casting Director: Erin Simon 
Sittings Assistant: Jaclyn Alexandra Cohen
Lighting Technician: Darren Hall
Photo Assistants: James Ridley, Kyle Thompson

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