T-Shirts and Sneakers, Not Just For Skaters and Teenage Boys

One woman's gym ensemble is another's fashion week wardrobe 

NYFW is officially upon us, dear readers. Long gone is snoozy August, when the fashion set collectively jets off to somewhere far away—usually Mykonos, if Instagram is any indication. As much as we unabashedly and shamelessly live for the leaf-turning promise of a brand new season, fashion week can bring about a host of stress-related quandaries, specifically of the commuting variety. And while enjoy appeasing peacock-hungry street style photographers just as much as the next person (that’s sarcasmwe don’t), it turns out sprinting from show to show in six-inch Alaïa heels (a feat FU’s EIC has flawlessly and mysteriously mastered with only one sprained ankle) can be quite an ambitious—and harrowingly agonizing—undertaking. Enter the sneaker. (And, no, this is not a bromidic #normcore plug. So 2014, non?) It may come as a surprise, but you can do the whole fashion week thing entirely in a T-shirt and sneakers. Try it. We dare you. Whether you ascribe to a gothic-inspired look (check out slide two) or you’re from the wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve camp (Vetements, anyone?), there’s a t-shirt-and-sneakers look for every kind of fashion person. Click through the slideshow above to shop the best combinations, from Christopher Kane and Adidas to Loewe and Saint Laurent, and beyond. And from of all of us at FU, godspeed. 

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