The 2017 Fashion Zeitgeist

An exploration of the biggest trends and ideas that made 2017–for better or worse—2017

This started as more of a straightforward trend report, a scouring through of the year’s collections, picking out trends like bobble skirts or bucket hats—you know that drill. Well, this is sort of that, but it also includes more robust analyses of the things that made this year what it was—and it was so many things. I mean, it really was all the things. Trends can change on a dime—remember when everyone jumped on that vintage band tee trend? Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Metallica? And then shortly after, those of us who never cared much for those bands in the first place (and those who never cared for the bands, but wore the tees anyway, because, ahem, victim) all breathed a collective (if secretive) sigh of relief. And, lord have mercy, those trend-chasers with the fanny packs slung around their shoulders! Yes, the first model that walked the Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 runway had a Vuitton x Supreme one worn just like that, but chances are you’re not a model, the fanny pack you’re rocking ain’t no LVxS, and you’re not walking a runway in Paris. So stop. And trust, trends that make no sense are rarely long-lived. Unlike, par example, socks and slides, which don’t look good (I repeat—don’t look good) but do make some sense—slides are convenient and socks keep your feet warm, and you will see them for the foreseeable future—most farfetched trends evaporate into the ether. To drive the point home, if people see you with a fanny pack slung over one shoulder in 2018, they may give you some well-deserved side-eye and snicker behind your strapped-up back—you’ve been warned. Anyway, to get back on track, this piece is a broad look back at how the chaos of 2017 impacted our fashion landscape—the ups and downs and rounds and rounds of sociopolitical issues, sartorial stuff, schedule shakeups, social media, and more. 

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