Just a List of Puns on Designer Names If They Were Animals

BoJack Horseman spoofs fashion with "Sharc Jacobs," and we’re all about it

There’s a lot about fashion editors that will surprise you. How smart they are, how funny they are, what their uncensored thoughts are about the industry…it goes on. One thing you might not know about team FU is how devoted we are to adult cartoons.

Rick and MortyArcherBob’s Burgers—all solid gold in our eyes. No, I’m not kidding. Look, creating content for a web-based publication is tough, and sometimes you just want to unwind with animated adult humor. We even like the lowbrow stuff like Family Guy. It probably helps my case that the quality of these shows has been touted by many television critics. So I can retain my status as an arbiter of taste, while shoveling fries into my mouth and laughing at whatever shenanigans the kids from South Park are up to. 

Naturally, when the trailer for the new season of BoJack Horseman—a show about a washed-up actor dealing with depressing and the emptiness of Hollywood, who is also a horse—dropped last week, my inclination was to text FU’s EIC Katharine Zarrella “OMG” a few times without context. It’s not just the fact that our beloved show now has a return date (September 8!), but that in the trailer, there is a brief scene of a fashion show with the name “Sharc Jacobs,” a pun on Marc Jacobs. Sharc Jacobs. They even swapped a “c” for the “k.” I’m dead. I’m done.

Hopefully Mr. Jacobs is aware of this, and is thoroughly amused. I mean, he has a Spongebob Squarepants tattoo, so he’s got to be a cartoon fan, right? Anyway, in the spirit of the show’s spoofing of real-life figures with animal names (and because I really just want to reference BoJack Horseman), here’s a few more animal puns for fashion folk. Sit back, laugh, and enjoy.

Dodo Chanel

Meowccia Prada (or “Meow Meow” for Miu Miu)

Calf Simons

Derek Lamb

Michael Boars

Doggy Hilfiger

Fawn Galliano

Vera Fang

Jean-Paul Goatier

Quack Posen

Salvatore Ferretgamo

Pierre Cardinal

Jil Salamander

Brandon Catswell

Ann Demeulemouster

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