Get This Chanel Couture Look for Under $3

Survival blankets for fashion warriors

If you look to supers like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner who regularly free the nipple (see Jenner’s star-shaped pasties or Hadid’s transparent Dior ball gown from this past week for proof), then you might think that the recent wave of women’s marches across the globe inspired many on the Couture circuit to burn their bras. The same can be said for stockings, which seem to have been thrown onto the fire alongside brassieres, as multiple brazen street style stars were spotted peacocking in Paris with bare legs despite less-than-balmy temps. In short, everyone in the City of Light appears to be freezing their tits off in the name of fashion. But fear not, Chanel has a solution…and, wait for it…you can actually afford to buy it!

Backstage in the drafty halls of the Grand Palais, models bundled up in foil thermal blankets typically reserved for survival kits and runners post-marathon. The Mylar wraps prevent hypothermia by reflecting the wearer’s own body heat, which was essential at Chanel considering all catwalkers had to keep warm were a few decadent ruffles, some ostrich plumes, and pretty pearl bracelets wrapped around bony ankles. (The lucky ones wore impeccable tweed suiting and a few girls donned sequined, thigh-grazing boots.) Plus, the wraps were very much on theme given the show’s mesmerizing mirror set and multiple metallic accents (like the iridescent pumps that stomped the reflective runway).

Next time you find yourself weighed down by weather-appropriate attire, or simply want to pack an extra layer should things get a tit bit too nipply, consider slipping a streamlined survival blanket (like this under $3 stunner from Home Depot reminiscent of a conceptual Marigela creation or Jenner’s Ports 1961 puffer) into your clutch for fashion emergencies. If anyone asks, simply say it’s fresh off the couture catwalk…which is actually the truth and not an “alternative fact.”

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