Charlotte Olympia Makes Shoes to Kill For

Her Fall 2017 accessories film tells a tale of beautiful women, stilettos, and murder

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes so desirable that you would consider doing just about anything to get your hands on them? This was the theme of Charlotte Olympia’s Fall 2017 film, cleverly titled An Accessory to Murder. In place of a traditional accessories presentation, designer Charlotte Dellal last night debuted a short, deeply satirical film noir staring model Bambi Northwood Blyth and directed by Sophie Edelstein. It was a murder mystery, in which the motive (and quite possibly, the weapon) was a pair of sky-high stilettos.  

The black-and-white ’40s-style feature followed a detective as he searched for a perpetrator committing murder for shoes. “I was about to get caught in a web of beautiful women, a web of high heels, and murder,” teased the lead as the film opened. The shoes on view? A pair of tan mules with a sequined pink heart on the heel, newspaper-printed oxfords with hearts at the laces, cherry-red sandals, and a hot pink feather-embellished kitten heel. 

The bags were equally irreverent. A circular clutch with a screen siren’s face on the front read “slinky sultry sensational.” Another features a red head and the words “There never was a woman like…” 

It was all very fun, playful, and tongue-in-cheek. In fact, after the screening, Dellal relayed that she had used pretty much “every shoe pun out there” in her fashion flick. View the film above, and chuckle at each one while previewing Dellal’s latest offering. But remember, you won’t need to kill anyone to get your hands on this collection—you’ll just have to wait until it hits stores this fall.

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