The Making of Dior Haute Couture

Get a peek inside the French house's atelier in this exclusive video

In recent years, Dior has opened its atelier doors to the world, informing the masses on the details of how haute couture is constructed. No matter how much we’re shown, it never gets old—there is always something new to learn. It is beyond fascinating to watch craftspeople and their techniques for building intricate couture pieces.

Now that frenzy of couture week has waned, Dior is releasing peeks into how Maria Grazia Chuiri’s first-ever couture collection for the house was pulled together.

In the video, viewers get a glimpse how much work goes into a small detail such as floral appliqué, which, naturally, must be made by hand. The process begins by soaking the fabric in fish glue before cutting out individual petals, which are then hand-painted and shaped. Once a flower is constructed, it is flattened in a book (as one would do when preserving real flowers) before being added to the gown.

It’s fantastic that Dior is willing to reveal its atelier’s practices, as it allows for a greater appreciation of the craft of haute couture. Though the veil of secrecy has been dropped, it has only added value.

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