Eugenia Kim Dreams Big 

At her first NYFW showing, the designer presents supersized accessories covered with bows, butterflies, and more

Eugenia Kim has been in business for two decades. Having opted to show her collections as still life all these years, the designer celebrated the milestone by staging her first fashion show.

“Now that we’ve become an established accessories brand, we can do head-to-toe dressing,” she said backstage before the show. “We have the hat, the shoe, the bag.” With big house names decamping to Europe, Kim’s resolve to raise the stakes in New York is not only a positive development—it’s refreshing.

Also refreshing were the glasses of rosé, which guests took eagerly upon entering the Pier 59 studio space on Saturday. The Go-Go’s kicked off the soundtrack, and as the black swimsuit-clad models stood about in a mélange of feather, lamé, and bouclé accessories, guests were encouraged to mill around. Spring 2018 was entitled “In Your Dreams,” and the look-but-don’t-touch mood aligned perfectly with the season’s theme.

Kim still remembers the Patrick Nagel painting from her father’s office, because references to the pop artist behind Duran Duran’s Rio album cover continued throughout. “Nagel empowers women,” continued Kim. “A lot of designers are embracing the eighties because of politics, but this is a positive way to do it,” she added. Of course, it’s easy to be positive with oversized bows and butterflies and flowers made from pastel-colored feathers. Also in feathery form, Nagel paintings were replicated on handbags from feathers painted by hand in Italy. 

Each season welcomes a range of sun hats emblazoned with clever slogans, and this time around, there were plenty of options for fans to choose from. For the ultimate hyped-up beach look, an “Undercover” version came styled with a pair of platform sandals and an oversized bag that resembled an upside-down hat—a fun yet clever addition to the fold.

The diploma-like toppers made from color-blocked squares were new, and were the most directional of offerings on display. But if you’re looking for a statement style that’s more dressed down, your best options are the metallic baseball caps and bouclé loafers adorned with “Do Not Disturb” pins. 

Speaking of—where is the Eugenia Kim girl headed that she can’t be bothered? “Everywhere,” replied Kim. We bet that she’ll be undercover. No, but seriously.

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