6 Fresh Ways to Layer This Winter

Because it's NYFW, and there's also a blizzard

What are the coldest months of the year for, if not layering? Sure, it’s too frigid to function outside, but that’s never stopped you and your diehard love of fashion before. Though we dread that moment our alarm wakes us up each winter morning, knowing it’s countless degrees cooler outside the cocoon of our cozy warm bed, it’s the prospect of cold-weather wardrobe styling that kicks our ass into gear day after day—and it’s so worth it. This year, ditch the classic sweater-and-pants combo in favor of some more interesting layering ideas. Think: bustiers and chunky sweaters; bodysuits and camisoles; or three different knits in varying degrees of thickness. What’s more, we’re sharing our six new favorite ways to layer this winter with you—just to get you started, because hey, it’s the first day of NYFW, and it’s literally a blizzard out there. Happy styling. 

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