Do Some Pussy Power Shopping Just in Time For Inauguration Day

Gear up and grab back

Before thousands of nasty women descend on D.C. to march side-by-side on Inauguration Day, they’re going to need some serious armor. (After all, according to Trump, the “dress shops” in Washington are fresh out of frocks, so you’re pretty much shit out of luck unless you plan on—gasp!—wearing pants.) And what better way to show the President-elect that you are a badass bitch that means business than by starting with your wardrobe? Because it’s your body, your choice—and that includes what you put on it tomorrow. Pull out a pussy bow, dress in Suffragette white, free the nipple (in the most Instagram-friendly of ways), or slip on a vagina necklace that Trump’s cornichon-like fingers can’t touch. Whether you have boots on the ground in our nation’s capital or not, these fashion finds tell the world you grab back.

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