Shoe Lovers, Rejoice—A New Luxury Footwear Destination Has Hit the Internet

The founders and former owners of talk their new endeavor, 

Not since the borough of Manhattan dedicated an entire zip code solely to the footwear department at Saks Fifth Avenue has there been such exciting news in shoes. 

The founders of are back at it again with a brand new luxury footwear site,, an upscale designer destination for the discerning shoe fanatic. The site, which officially launches on March 15, is the brainchild of Susanne and Christoph Botschen, the founders and former owners of, which was sold to the Neiman Marcus Group in 2014.

Catching up with Fashion Unfiltered at their launch event at Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, Susanne explained how they never lost the passion for the biz. “When we sold everything, we were under a three-year non-compete, and no matter how far we traveled, we never stopped watching the industry,” she said. “Once we stepped out of the industry tunnel vision, we developed a new eye for the customer who doesn’t feel anyone is curating for them anymore.” She added that “it’s this jungle of merchandise out there and you are bombarded by all of it.” The Botschens recalled the glory days of fashion with multi-brand designer shoe stores and realized they don’t exist anymore—especially online.

Along with the major luxury powerhouse footwear brands like Prada, Gucci, and Saint Laurent, also includes up-and-coming brands such as Aeyde, Trademark, Brother Vellies, and Vibi Venezia. “The shoe has to feel modern, hold quality, and meet my inner expectation for a shoe,” Christoph said. “It’s an explosion of a new talent all of a sudden, and [it plays] into our cards for the site.” The couple is banking on the trend toward affordable luxury. “While there are plenty that can’t afford to buy luxury shoes, there are also those who don’t want to afford them,” they noted. Having a mix of high and low prices was a practice started at so that there was at least a “45 DM (Deutsche Mark) T-shirt.” This model appeals to the new generation in search of newness as well as the customer looking for understated luxury, according to Susanne.

Entering back into the e-commerce arena once again prompted the Botschens to hire a secret weapon, former Amazon fashion director Susanne Tebartz, as managing director and COO to make the process of online shoe-shopping not only seamless, but engaging. For instance, the site will include different tabs according to brands and separate new designers or shoes by occasion to help narrow the search. Sizing, which also varies from country to country, is divided in separate tabs. The return process is also seamless, but Tebartz points out that shoe returns are actually lower than ready-to-wear in most cases. “It’s also important to introduce new brands,” Tebartz said, noting that short bios accompany each brand page. “We will produce our own content to tell the story as well.” The site also plans to offer exclusive collaborations, starting with a few Prada brocade styles just in time for spring (available for purchase on March 20th).

For shoe worshippers, means heaven will now arrive at your doorstep. Amen.

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