5 Upstate New York Airbnbs For a Destructive Givenchy Weekend

 In honor of Clare Waight Keller's new campaign for the house, which was shot at a "private mansion" in New York, we bring you a selection of rental homes fit for an upstate banger 

Clare Waight Keller’s first official campaign for Givenchy dropped this morning, and unlike the feline-filled teaser ads she released on Instagram ahead of her official debut for the French house last fall, this campaign is a little more…wild

Take, for example, the mirrors, some of which are dramatically smashed on the floor; or the cast of young, brooding models dressed in Waight Keller’s ‘70s-tinged wares; or the fact that Waight Keller told Business of Fashion the Steven Meisel-lensed photos were shot at a private mansion in New York—“a place you find on Airbnb,” she said, for a “slightly destructive weekend.” 

This last bit got the FU team thinking. How fabulous (and funny) would it be to actually experience a weekend of Givenchy-filled debauchery at some swanky mansion upstate, particularly one that has a “faintly spooky feel about the rooms where a group of young rock kids seem to be lingering on as if emerging from an all-night party,” as Waight Keller stated in the press release? Without further ado, we bring you five Airbnb mansions perfect for a chicly raucous weekend upstate. 

George, the host, probably knows that whoever is going to stay here is going to throw a freaking rager. Just read his opening line: “When you inquire me, please provide your name, how many guests will be sleeping over, how many guests will be visiting but not sleeping over, [and] age range of all guests.” He knows some debauchery is bound to go down, and he is totally okay with it! Waight Keller would be especially pleased to know that there is indeed a “spooky” element to this bad boy—apparently, there are some rooms that are locked with “Do Not Enter” signs on the doors, which, as anyone who’s seen a horror film knows, is very, very ominous. 

There’s definitely a creepy, medieval quality to this one, especially when you consider all of the bizarre knights and the alarming amount of stained glass—a motif that resembles previous designer Riccardo Tisci’s Resort 2017 collection for the French house, and parts of his Spring 2017 lineup. The host of this sprawling castle overlooking Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains bills it as a place to have “cherished family memories,” which makes this all the more hilarious. 

Alright, so it’s not quite Château du Jonchet, the extravagant French castle in which Hubert de Givenchy currently resides, but we think this might be the closest thing to it in upstate New York. There are 12 bedrooms and a good amount of mirrors, which is super important. The extravagant pad was also apparently voted “one of the most luxurious homes in Westchester County,” and seems well-equipped for a luxuriously raucous weekend thanks to the billiards parlor, poker room, indoor shuffleboard, and outdoor pool—the ideal setting to sport Waight Keller’s star-covered slides

Okay, so this is technically outside of New York, but considering how many moneyed New Yorkers flock to the Berkshires on the weekend, we figured it counted. Sweetly advertised as “French elegance in the heart of the Berkshires” (appropriate, as Givenchy is a French brand) this idyllic beauty incorporates all the ingredients necessary for a roaring fete, from a tennis court to its very own private street, Manor Lane. Bonus: the airy, expansive interior would lend itself to some truly great dance-offs. 

We normally wouldn’t suggest a place that has zero reviews, but, my god, look at it. This massive, 4,000-square-foot country home has a whopping six bedrooms and five baths, which is more than enough space to enjoy a mildly annihilative weekend. (Just don’t tell Kate, the host.) The location of the mansion is particularly key, as Waight Keller’s Spring 2018 collection—brimming with steel-toe cowboy boots, strong shoulders, and billowy blouses—would have fit seamlessly into Woodstock’s iconic 1969 festival. The wood paneling and animal-skin rugs add to the distinctly ‘70s vibes. Groovy.

*DISCLAIMER: Just because you can throw a destructive weekend at an Airbnb does’t mean you should, and realistically these hosts probably wouldn’t apprecaite it. But still, it’s fun to dream.

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